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Amateur Radio

Amateur radio is not just a hobby, it is also a service with a very long history.  Some claim it got it's start during WWII with the coast watchers.  However It started amateurs have always been innovators, a lot of what we use everyday may have started as a project in someone's ham shack,

Service? We have always been ready to help our communities during special events and emergency situations.  I've even trained to respond to aircraft crash sites as well as severe weather, reporting to emergency management and/or National Weather Service offices. 

Highest honors go out to those who have lost their lives while performing services the their communities.


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After using other frameworks for many years, struggling to add stuff without messing up the whole page/site. I just switched to Helix and Joomshaper.  I am impressed with the whole package.  Much easier to learn and use.  Had a few questions along the way, I can say that support is right there.  Polite and helpfull, I highly reccomend Joomshaper and Helix Ultimate.

Thanks JoomShaper.


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