Editorial: Recents news and gossip

When we found out that the internet would become the World Wide Web, My reaction was mixed, there goes privacy, and this new free source of information would be destroyed by commercial concerns.

 Most of my fears were realized, privacy is hard to find and commercial interests dictate the direction the web will go.  I looks like the amateur radio hobby is about to be up for sale.

ARRL announced that repeater coordination will be handed over to RFinder, many repeater owners are concered due to the cost of coordination.  In addition, many are concerned about the security issues this move will cause.  I have a lot of concerns related to this move.  Check out discusions and get involved.  Concerned?  Email the ARRL asap!

I have not confirmed this yet - The FCC may hand over amateur Radio license operations to QRZ.  Again this rasies concerns about the security of our information as well as the ability to handle the load.  I have many concerns about this move as well.  Will renewals be free, or will therebe a way to renew without paying a "convenience fee",?  How much will we end up paying?  Myself, I use the ULS, and can see how that system can be confusing to new useers. 

I suddenly seems that our hobby is more and more up for sale.  Now we have to fight to protect more than just our bands.